Start Work

When you want to get started on some new work, whether it’s a modest bug fix or a major new feature, there are a lot of steps and different services involved. Go to your issue tracking service, find all of the issues assigned to you, select one to work on, and update its status. Now head to your terminal, or GitHub, to create a feature branch. And lastly, update your status on Slack to let your teammates know what you’re working on. With CodeStream, you can do this all in one step, right from your IDE.

To get started, look for the Issues section in the CodeStream pane and connect to your team’s issue tracking service.

Connect Issue Tracker

Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to see all of the issues assigned to you, filtering by project, board, list, etc., as you see fit. You can even connect to multiple services!

List of Issues

You can view any issue on the appropriate issue tracking service.

View Issue

Or just click on an issue to get started!

Start Work

If your team uses a feature branch Git workflow, you can create a branch to do your work on. Use the dropdowns to either change the base branch or edit the name of the feature branch.

Branch Details

If you’re a team admin, you can even set up a branch naming template for the team so that all of the team’s feature branches get named in a consistent manner.

Branch Template

Depending on which issue tracking service you use, you can also choose to update the issue's status. For example, if you use Trello, you’ll be able to move the selected card to another list (e.g., “In Progress”).

If you need to work on something that doesn’t have an associated issue you can either click “Start ad-hoc Work” to get started without one, or click “New issue" to create an issue on your issue tracking service right from CodeStream. You can even associate that issue with a block of code in your editor!

Whether it's an ad-hoc item or an issue from your issue tracker, once you've decided what you're working on it will be reflected in the Work In Progress section. To clear your selection, just hover over the issue name and click the "x" that appears to the right.

Work in Progress