What is CodeStream?

The Code Collaboration Tool Built for Remote Teams

CodeStream is developer collaboration platform that makes it incredibly easy for development teams, especially remote teams, to discuss and review code in a more natural and contextual way. CodeStream not only makes discussions easier, by allowing them to happen in your IDE, in context, but also preserves the institutional knowledge that is currently being lost in Slack channels and emails.

Discuss Code Just Like Commenting on a Google Doc

Simply select a block of code and type your question or comment. Teammates can participate in the discussion right from their IDE, and you can optionally share the discussion on Slack or Microsoft Teams so teammates can participate from their chat clients as well.


Get Feedback on Work in Progress with Pre-PR Code Review

CodeStream's lightweight feedback requests let you have someone look over your changes regardless of the current state of your repo, without the friction of committing, pushing or issuing a pull request.

Feedback Request

Your teammates can review your changes right in their IDE, with full file context, and with no need to set aside their current work to switch branches or pull the latest.

Review Changes

CodeStream’s feedback requests are so easy that you can start doing them throughout the development process instead of waiting until the end. You’re a few days into a sprint and have some work stubbed out? Maybe some work that hasn’t even been committed? Request feedeback on your work in progress so that you can identify and resolve issues early instead of saving those gotchas for when you need to get the code merged.

Create and Review Pull Requests

For most development teams, the final step in the development process is a pull request. Even if your team has decided to use CodeStream's feedback requests as a replacement for, and not just a precursor to, your end-of-cycle PR-based code reviews, CodeStream allows you to keep all of that workflow right in your IDE. You can create pull requests, and review pull requests, right inside your IDE.

Review a Pull Request

Build the Knowledge Base Behind Your Codebase

CodeStream turns conversation into documentation by capturing all of the discussion about your code, whether it was from a pull request, a feedback request, or a code comment/issue, and saving it with your code. And the real magic is that the discussions are automatically repositioned as your code changes, even across branches. All with zero effort on your part.

Knowledge Base

Previously discussed questions and issues that explain important decisions are now accessible right where you need them, when you need them.