Create a Team

A “team” on CodeStream is where you and your teammates will discuss code. It’s possible that some organizations will have multiple teams on CodeStream, and developers can be on more than one team, but if none of your immediate teammates are yet on CodeStream then it’s up to you to sign up and create a CodeStream team! If you think your team is already on CodeStream, learn about how to join an existing team.

Sign up

If you already have the CodeStream extension installed in your IDE, you can start the signup process from the CodeStream pane.

Create a Team

Click on the "Sign Up and Create a team" button to get started.

Create an Account

You can sign up by either creating a set of CodeStream credentials (i.e., email address and password), or you can sign up using GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket (cloud versions only).

If you sign up via CodeStream, your next step will be to confirm your email address by entering a code sent to you via email. Note that you can paste the code into any of the boxes rather than typing each number individually.

Confirm Email

From there you’ll be asked to give your team a name.

Team Name

Now that you’ve created a team, and are signed into CodeStream, it’s time to invite your teammates!

Invite your team

Looks for the My Team section at the bottom of the CodeStream pane to invite your teammates.

Team Tab

You’ll see a list of people already on the team, and can invite others by email address.