Work in Progress Section

The Work In Progress section is a snapshot of the local changes you have in flight in your IDE, as well as the associated ticket from your issue tracking service.

Work in Progress Section

All repositories you have open in your IDE are listed, and if you have any local (i.e, unpushed) changes in any of them you can expand that section to see the list of changed files. Click on any file name to view a diff of your changes so far, or click on the icon that appears at the end of the row to open your the file itself. Also look out for the file names in orange as they represent potential merge conflicts. Hover over the file name to see which teammate you need to coordinate with to avoid a conflict.

Merge Conflict Warning

The icons to at the end of each repository's row allow you to quickly create a feedback request or a pull request. Remember that you don’t need to wait until the work is completed to request feedback.

What you see in the Work in Progress section is, by default, also shared with your teammates in the My Team section. You can, however, click the icon in this section's heading to turn off sharing.

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