Team Live View

Development is a collaborative activity, yet much of it happens in isolation, with work only shared with the team at the end of a cycle, or sprint. CodeStream’s “Live View” increases transparency by making the local edits of individual developers visible to team members, so that everyone knows what everyone else is working on, in real-time.

As developers write code, whether editing existing files or creating new files, a summary of their changes, including the repo(s), files, and lines changed is exposed to their teammates through CodeStream. The information is displayed contextually, in the IDE, and even warns teammates of potential merge conflicts… before they happen!

Team Tab

In addition to allowing you to see who is on your team, and to invite new members, the Team tab also gives you a live view into what everyone is working on. Below each teammate’s name is a list of the repositories in which they have made local changes (i.e., changes that haven’t been pushed). In addition to the repo name, you’ll see the branch name, line additions/deletions, a count of the number of changes to code that you wrote (in lines of code), and a warning if any of the changes could lead to a merge conflict.

Team Tab

You can also hover over an entry to see the files that have been changed, including ones that represent potential merge conflicts, and how recently this info was updated.


Your entry on the Team tab is always displayed first, and you can opt-out of sharing by clicking on the icon to the right (although your team admin may have set this to always on or always off at the team level).

Opt Out

Current File

CodeStream also surfaces this information on the Current File tab, so that you’re immediately aware of when other developers are working in the same files as you. If another developer has the same file open in their IDE and has made changes, you’ll see the following message.


If both you and the other developer have made changes to the file, you’ll see the following message.

Merge Conflict