Slack Integration

When you post a codemark your teammates will get notified via the activity feed, and potentially via email. Sometimes, though, you might want to share the codemark out to Slack as well. This would allow you to reach people who haven’t yet joined CodeStream, or maybe don’t spend a lot of time in their IDE.

Connecting to Slack

Clicking on the Slack link at the bottom of the codemark form will take you off to the web to authenticate with one of your Slack workspaces.

Connect to Share

Once you’ve connected to a workspace you’ll be able to select a channel or direct message to share to.

Select Channel

By default, CodeStream will remember if/where you shared your last codemark and the form will default to the same selections the next time you post a codemark. If you’d like to specify a default channel to use based on the repo you are in, click the gear menu at the top of the “Post to” popup and you can set the default behavior for each repo.

Note that you can also share a codemark to Slack after it has been posted. Just look for the “Share” option under the codemark’s ellipses menu. You can even share codemarks created by your teammates.

Participating from Slack

A codemark shared to Slack is much more powerful than a simple notification. Your teammates can interact with the codemark, and participate in the discussion right from Slack!

Codemark on Slack

View Discussion & Reply

Your teammates can click “View Discussion & Reply” to add a reply to your codemark, and that reply will get posted to CodeStream. If there were any previous replies to the codemark, they’ll be displayed as well so that they can catch up on the entire discussion.

Reply from Slack

Note that your teammates don’t need to be CodeStream users in order to participate in discussions via Slack.

Open in IDE

Click “Open in IDE” to view both the code, and the codemark, right inside your IDE. You’ll be first taken through a CodeStream web page where you’ll specify which IDE to open, and CodeStream will remember this selection for the next time you view a codemark from the same repo. You’ll then be taken to the appropriate source file in your IDE, scrolled to the relevant block of code, with the codemark displayed in the CodeStream pane to the right. If you don’t happen to have the given repo open in your IDE, CodeStream will automatically open the source file for you (assuming you’ve opened that repo previously, with CodeStream installed, so that we know where to find it).

Note that if you’re using a JetBrains IDE you’ll need to first install the Toolbox App so that CodeStream can deep link into the IDE.

Open on GitHub (or Bitbucket or GitLab)

If the code block is from a repo hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab, this button will take you to the corresponding block of code on that hosting service.