Pull Requests Section

NOTE: The Pull Requests section currently only supports GitHub and GitHub Enterprise. Unless you're already connected to one of those services, the section will only appear if you have a repository from one these services open in your IDE.

The Pull Requests section of the CodeStream pane lists all open pull requests that are relevant to you, and gives you the ability to control the list via custom queries.

Pull Requests Section

By default, you'll see your pull requests broken out into the following sections, which are really just default queries.

  • Waiting on My Review - Open pull requests where you are a reviewer, or a requested reviewer.
  • Assigned to Me - Open pull requests assigned to you.
  • Created by Me - Open pull requests created by you.
  • Recent - The five most recent pull requests created by you, regardless of status.

Click on any pull request in the list to edit, review or even merge the code. When you hover over a pull request's row you'll see more details, including the repo, branches and status. You'll also see an option to view the pull request on your code-hosting service toward the end of the row.

Hover over any section's heading for options to refresh the list, edit the section's query, or to delete the section.

Query Header

The first section actually allows you to load any pull request via URL. Just grab the URL of any pull request, paste it in, and you can view it right inside CodeStream.

Load PR from URL

When you hover over the Pull Requests section heading, icons appear at the right.

Pull Requests Section Header

Options there include the ability to refresh all the sections (i.e., queries) at once, create a new pull request, and to create a new query/section. Click on the gear icon for more options, including the ability to see pull requests from all repositories, and not just those associated with repositories open in your IDE, and the ability to include labels in the list.

Pull Request Section Settings