CodeStream will notify you about codemarks and code reviews that you "follow", and you can choose whether you want to be notified via email, desktop (for the VS Code and JetBrains extensions only), or both.

Notification Settings

By default, you are set to automatically follow any codemark or code review that you created, any codemark or code review where you’ve been mentioned (either in the original post or in a subsequent reply), or any codemark or code review to which you’ve replied. You can always elect to follow/unfollow any individual codemark or code review via its ellipses menu.


Email notifications are sent immediately. You can participate in the discussion by simply replying to the email. Your reply will get added to CodeStream as reply to the appropriate codemark or code review. Be sure that when you reply you are doing so from the same email address to which the notification was sent (i.e., your email address on CodeStream). Also note that you can unfollow a codemark or code review by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.

Unfollow Via Email

If you’re using CodeStream in VS Code or a JetBrains IDE you’ll also receive desktop notifications in the IDE for codemarks that you follow.

Desktop Notification

Clicking on the Open button will open the codemark/code review so that you can participate in the discussion.