My Team Section

The My Team section of the CodeStream pane allows you to see who is on your team, and to invite new members. It also gives you a "live view" into what your teammates are working on.

My Team Section

The "Current Members" section lists all of the members of your CodeStream team. Team admins will be identified in the list, and if you are an admin, you'll have a dropdown to assign remove admin priviledges to any member.

You can invite new members by using the form at the bottom of the members list, by clicking on the Invite icon in the heading of the My Team section.

The "Outstanding Invitations" section list all open invitations. At the right side of each row are links to remove the invitation or to reinvite. Clicking "reinvite" will have CodeStream send another invitation via email, but you can also hover over that link to grab the invitation code and email/message it to the person on your own.


For CodeStream On-Prem installations where outbound email hasn't been configured, when you invite someone CodeStream will provide you with the invitation code that you can then email/message to the person on your own.

Invite Manually

The "Suggested Teammates" section, which is only available for team admins, is a list of possible teammates derived from the commit history of your open repos. At the right side of each row are links to remove the suggestion from the list or to invite the person.

Blame Map

The "Blame Map" section, which is also only available for team admins, allows you to define code ownership on the team. By default, when you comment on code, CodeStream mentions (or offers to email) the author(s) of the code you are commenting on. But if that person has left the company, or transitioned to a different role, it might not be the right thing to do.

Blame Map

The Blame Map allows you to direct discussions about code that the former team member worked on to someone else on the team. Based on the mapping in the screenshot above, the next time someone asks a question about code authored by Dave, or requests a review of changes to that code, Tracy will be mentioned/assigned instead of Dave.

Live View

In addition to listing all members, the "Current Members" section also gives you a live view into what everyone is working on. Below each teammate’s name is a list of the repositories in which they have made local changes (i.e., changes that haven’t been pushed). In addition to the repo name, you’ll see the branch name, line additions/deletions, a count of the number of changes to code that you wrote (in lines of code), and a warning if any of the changes could lead to a merge conflict.

You can also hover over an entry to see the files that have been changed, including ones that represent potential merge conflicts, and how recently this info was updated.

Live View Conflict Warning

You can opt-out of sharing by clicking on the Live View icon in the heading of the Work In Progress section (although your team admin may have set this to always on or always off at the team level).

Toggle Live View