My Organization

The My Organization menu allows you to see who is in your CodeStream organization, invite new members, and create blame maps.

My Organization Menu

My Organization

Select "My Organization" to see a list of all members of your CodeStream organization. Admins will be identified in the list, and if you are an admin, you'll have a dropdown to assign or remove admin priviledges to any member.

Organization Members

Invite Teammates

Select "Invite Teammates" to invite new members to your organization.


The "Outstanding Invitations" section lists all open invitations, and at the right side of each row are links to remove the invitation or to reinvite. Clicking "reinvite" will have CodeStream send another invitation via email, but you can also hover over the reinvite link for the option to generate an email yourself.

The "Suggested Teammates" section, which is only available for admins, is a list of possible teammates derived from the commit history of your open repositories. At the right side of each row are links to remove the suggestion from the list or to invite the person.

Blame Map

Select "Blame Map" to add email addresses that you use for committing code that may be different from the email address you used to sign up for CodeStream. For example, your CodeStream email address might be, but you might also commit code as Click "Add mapping", enter your git email address, and then select your entry from the list of organization members. That way, when someone comments on code committed by, CodeStream will know to at-mention you (i.e.,

Blame Map

While non-admins can only create blame maps for themselves, admins can create blame maps for any member of the organization. This is useful for reassigning code ownership when people leave the organization.