Team Settings & Admin

The Team tab allows anyone on the team to invite additional teammates, and allows admins to manage the team’s members and settings. You’ll also see a Live View of what your teammates are working on.

Managing People & Roles

You can invite people by entering their email address and, if you're an admin, you'll also see a list of suggested teammates based on the people that have committed to the repos you currently have open.

Invite People

Occassionally CodeStream invitations can end up in spam folders or be blocked by some corporate email systems. If the emails aren't getting through, just hover over the "reinvite" link, copy the invitation code, and email/message it to the given person on your own.


Admins can also assign/remove admin privileges or remove people from the team.

Admin Rights

For CodeStream On-Prem installations where outbound email hasn't been configured, when you invite someone CodeStream will provide you with the invitation code that you can then email/message to the person on your own.

Invite Manually

Team Settings

If you are a team admin, the team name on the Team tab will be a dropdown exposing some team settings. In addition to changing the team’s name, you can also determine how Live View is used by your team. It can be on for everyone, off for everyone, or up to each individual team member to decide.

Team Settings

Code Review Assignment & Approval

On the Team tab, click on the team name and select "Code Review Settings" to control how both code review assignments and code review approvals work for your team.

Code Review Settings

By default, the person requesting a review can decide how approvals work, but you can, instead, set a default behavior for all code reviews for the team.

  • Any reviewer can approve - Any one can approve the review, regardless of how many reviewers are assigned.
  • All reviewers must approve individually - Each assigned reviewer must individually approve the review before it’s considered approved.

When a review is requested, you can decide if and how CodeStream suggests reviewers. Round-robin will cycle through all developers on the team. Random will randomly assign the review to any developer on the team. The Authorship options will suggest up to three reviewers based on the developers who wrote the lines of code impacted by the changes, as well as other developers who may have committed to the branch.

Blame Map

By default, when you comment on code, CodeStream mentions (or offers to email) the author(s) of the code you are commenting on. But if that person has left the company, or transitioned to a different role, it might not be the right thing to do.

Blame Map

The Blame Map allows you to direct discussions about code that Dave worked on to someone else on the team. The next time someone asks a question about that code, or requests a review of changes to that code, Tracy will be mentioned/assigned instead of Dave.

The blame map is accessible at the bottom of the Team tab, for team admins only.