Managing Codemarks

Editing & Deleting

Click the ellipses menu at the top-right of any codemark you authored to either edit or delete it. Note that in most cases it might make sense to archive (see below) a codemark instead of deleting it, so that the codemark can still provide some value down the road.

Codemark Menu

Archiving & Resolving

If there’s a codemark that you don’t think is important enough to be on permanent display in a given file, but you don’t want to completely delete it, you can archive it instead. This will collapse it at the right side of the CodeStream pane, where you can easily click to expand it again. Similarly, when you mark an issue as resolved it’s collapsed as well.

Click on the “archived” filter in the toolbar at the bottom to quickly display all archived codemarks and closed issues.

Codemark Shortcut

Starred Replies

Some codemarks may warrant just a quick reply or two, while others may result in lengthy discussions among the team. If there’s a specific reply in the thread that represents “the answer”, star it so that it is displayed along with the codemark. Someone else looking at this codemark down the road won’t need to go hunting for the most relevant information.

Starred Reply

Reposition Codemark

In most cases, a codemark will automatically remain linked to the block of code it refers to as the file changes over time. For example, if you cut the block of code and paste it at a different location in the file, the codemark will move right along with it. There are some scenarios, however, that CodeStream isn't able to handle automatically. For example, if you pasted the block of code into a different file. In these cases, Reposition Codemark allows you to select the new location of the block of code so that the codemark is displayed properly.

Reposition Codemark

Inject as Comment

If you'd like a specific codemark to become part of the repo you can Inject as Comment to have it added inline. Select the appropriate format, and then indicate if you want to include timestamps, replies, or to have the comment wrapped at 80 characters. You can also elect to have the codemark archived once it's been added as an inline comment.

Inject as Comment