Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily create codemarks without taking your hands away from the keyboard.

Open a Pull Requestctrl+shift+/ pctrl+/ p
Open a Merge Requestctrl+shift+/ mctrl+/ m
Request Code Reviewctrl+shift+/ rctrl+/ r
Next File in Reviewalt+F6option+F6
Previous File in Reviewshift+alt+F6shift+option+F6
New Commentctrl+shift+/ cctrl+/ c
New Issuectrl+shift+/ ictrl+/ i
Get Permalinkctrl+shift+/ lctrl+/ l
Copy Permalink to Clipboardctrl+shift+/ shift+lctrl+/ shift+l
Toggle CodeStream Panectrl+shift+/ ctrl+shift+/ctrl+/ ctrl+/