Issue Tracking Integrations

If your team uses Jira (cloud or Server), Azure DevOps, Trello, Asana, GitHub (cloud or Enterprise), Bitbucket (cloud), GitLab (cloud or Self-Managed) or YouTrack for tracking issues, you can create an issue on one of those services directly from CodeStream. Just select the service you use from the dropdown at the top of the codemark form. Note that the Jira Server integration requires a little up-front work from your Jira administrator.

Issue-Tracking Services

After going through the authentication process with the selected service you'll now be able to select a destination for your issue. For example, with Jira you'll be able to select the appropriate issue type and project.

Jira Selections

Once the codemark has been created it will be linked to code to which it refers.

Issue Connected to Code

Clicking on the codemark displays the issue details, which include a link to the issue created on the external service. In the example below you'll see the URL for the issue on Jira.