Interface Overview

The CodeStream interface surfaces all the items you need to see, and do, in a customizable tree-based view that is always available.

CodeStream Sidebar

Subsequent articles will go into more detail on each section, but here's a quick overview.

  • Pull Requests - If your team uses GitHub or GitHub Enterprise to host your code, you'll see all of your open pull requests listed and you can just click on one to edit it or perform a review.
  • Feedback Requests - Any open feedback requests either assigned to you or requested by you are listed.
  • Codemarks - Whether they originated in a pull request, a feedback request, or through ad-hoc code comments/issues, "codemarks" are the discussions that annotate your codebase and all of the codemarks in the currently selected file are listed for reference.
  • Work in Progress - A summary of your local changes, by repo, as well the issue you're currently working on.
  • Issues - See all of your open issues, across multiple services, in one place, and click on one to update its status, create a feature branch to do your work, and even update your status on Slack.
  • My Team - See who is on your CodeStream team, as well as what they're working on, and invite new members.

The CodeStream pane is completely customizeable. Use drag-and-drop to reorder the sections. Resize each one individually. Expand or collapse a section as needed. There's also an option to maximize a section when you want to get a good view of a longer list.

Maximized Section

If there's a section you don't think you'll be using, you can hide it via the View menu by clicking on your headshot at the top of the CodeStream pane.

At the top-right of the CodeStream pane you'll find access to some options for creating and discovering content in your team.

Global Options

  • Compose "+" - Click to create a code comment/issue, request feedback on changes, or to create a pull request.
  • Activity Feed - The Activity Feed will let you know about new code comments/issues and feedback requests, as well as replies to existing ones.
  • Filter & Search - Filter & Search allows you to slice and dice your team’s collection of code comments/issues and feature requests however you see fit.

And lastly, at the top-left of the CodeStream pane, click on your headshot for options related to account settings, notifications and team administration.

Headshot Menu