Do I need multiple CodeStream teams?

Depending on how many developers there are, and how they are organized, your company/organization may have more than one team on CodeStream. A good analogy is your #development channel on Slack. A small company probably starts with a single channel where all development communication happens, but as the company grows and the number of developers grow, conversations start to move from the single development channel to more narrowly focused channels (e.g., backend, mobile, etc.). And of course, some developers are in more than one, or even all of those channels.

You can think of a CodeStream team the same way. While not everything flowing through the activity feed needs to be relevant to every developer on the team, generally speaking the feed should be filled with discussions that most people on the team are able to contribute to in some fashion. If the developers on your CodeStream team aren’t happy with the signal-to-noise ratio in their activity feed, you can start to think about creating additional, more narrowly focused, teams.

A good way to think of a CodeStream team is as the set of people that work on, work with, or have some level of expertise in a shared set of repositories. And note that developers can be on more than one team. Say your organization has Frontend and Backend development teams that are large enough that they warrant their own CodeStream teams. Frontend developers can still be added to the Backend team, and vice versa, so that they can help answer questions. But, they’ll have their own teams so that their activity feeds contain discussions that are more relevant to them. Even if they never really switch to the other team when in CodeStream, they’ll still get email notifications for the other team’s discussions if they’re @mentioned.

To create an additional CodeStream team, click on your headshot at the top-left of the CodeStream pane and go to "Switch Team" > “Create New Team”.

When creating a new team you'll also be able to specify which organization/company it belongs to. If you're creating a team for a side project, not related to your work, you'll probably want to specify a new organization for the team.