CodeStream User Guide

Everything you need to get started with CodeStream

Quick Start

Use the navigation to the left to jump straight to any topic. Otherwise, read on to get started with CodeStream.

1. Install the CodeStream extension in your IDE and sign up.

Install CodeStream for VS Code, Visual Studio or JetBrains. The CodeStream pane should automatically appear in the sidebar for VS Code, or in a tool window at the right side for a JetBrains IDE or Visual Studio. Click on "Sign Up and Create a team" if you are the first person from your team to join CodeStream, or paste in your invitation code if you were invited to a team already on CodeStream.

Signing Up for CodeStream

Learn more about installing CodeStream.

2. Connect your tools

Create and review pull requests on GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. Create issues on Jira, Trello and other issue trackers. Share code discussions on Slack or Microsoft Teams. CodeStream brings the tools you use every day together in your IDE. Click on your headshot at the top of the CodeStream pane and go to the Integrations page to get all of your tools connected.


3. Discuss any block of code, at any time

Whether you're trying to understand someone else's code or getting help with some code you just wrote, just select the code and ask your question.

Discuss Code

Learn more about discussing code.

4. Get feedback on your work in progress

Select "Request Feedback" from the "+" menu at any time in the development cycle, whether it’s a quick look over some work in progress (even uncommitted code!) or a formal review of a completed effort.

Feedback Request

Teammates can review your changes right in their IDE, with no need to switch branches or set aside their own work. Learn more about feedback requests.

5. Create or review a pull request

Look for the Pull Requests section of the CodeStream sidebar to review an open pull request. Just click on a pull request (or load one from URL) to get a complete GitHub experience right in your IDE!

Pull Request

Note that you can create a pull request in GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket, but support for reviewing pull requests is currently only available for GitHub (cloud or Enterprise). Learn more about pull requests.

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