What information does CodeStream collect

Event-Based Telemetry

CodeStream uses Segment to monitor user behaviors in order to understand how our customers are using the service, and where we can improve. User actions, such as creating a codemark, requesting a code review, or sharing a codemark, are recorded as they happen. In addition to the nature of the action, we also collect some characteristics of the action. For example, did the code review include unsaved changes, from where in the UI was the codemark initiated, or was the codemark shared to Slack or Teams.

Telemetry does currently include users' email addresses. We will look to anonymize this for on-prem customers in the near future, but for now if you aren’t comfortable with email addresses being included you can turn off telemetry simply by removing this section from the config file, ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json, and restarting CodeStream. When you remove this section, ensure that proper JSON syntax is followed. For example, if this is the last section of the file then you'll need to remove the comma at the end of the preceding section.

	"telemetry": {
		"segment": {
			"token": "---codestream-telemetry-token---",
			"webToken": "---codestream-telemetry-web-token---"

Nightly Phone Home

On-prem installations ping CodeStream on a nightly basis with summary information about your installation and high-level activity in order to help our product and customer teams. For customers on CodeStream’s free plan, the phone home does also include users’ email addresses so that we are able to contact you for support, updates and security notices. If you upgrade to a paid plan, email addresses are no longer included and you can turn off phone home.

To disable Phone Home, simply change this setting in your config file; ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json. Remember, that this only works for paid plans.

	"apiServer": {
        "disablePhoneHome": true,

Here is the complete set of information included in the phone home.

  • date
  • installationId
  • installationVersion
  • outboundEmailEnabled
  • slackInteractiveComponentsEnabled
  • List of configured integrations (e.g., Slack, GitHub, Jira, etc.)
  • Companies

    • id
    • name
    • isDeactivated
    • createdAt
    • creatorId
    • plan
  • Teams

    • id
    • name
    • companyId
    • isDeactivated
    • createdAt
    • creatorId
    • liveView
    • codeReviewApproval
    • codeReviewAssignment
  • Users

    • id
    • email - Not included for companies on a paid plan
    • isRegistered
    • isDeactivated
    • isAdmin
    • registeredAt
    • joinMethod
    • lastLogin
    • lastOrigin
    • lastOriginDetail
    • codemarks
    • codemarksInReviews
    • reviews
    • replies
  • Code Reviews

    • teamId
    • reviewId
    • createdAt
    • approvedAt