Okta Authentication

CodeStream now supports Okta's consolidated single sign-on service for authentication as well. To get it running, you'll need to set up an Okta Web Application for CodeStream's OAuth process. Simply follow the instructions below.

Login to your Okta Admin Portal

Sign-in to your Okta console with an Administrator account. On the Dashboard, select the Classic UI interface (red oval).

Okta Admin Console

Go to the Applications pane to Add an Application

Go to the Applications panel by clicking on Applications on the top nav bar or Add Applications on the right nav bar (green ovals). Then press the green Add Application button.

Okta Applications

Add the CodeStream Application

Type codestream in the search bar and select the CodeStream app.

Okta CodeStream App

Then click the green Add button on the CodeStream app page.

Okta CodeStream App

Give the App a name

Give the App a name, for example CodeStream On-Prem, and press the Done button.

Okta Name CodeStream App

Record the App Client ID and Secret

With the new app selected, go to the Sign-On pane. Make note of the Client ID and Client Secret which you will add to the CodeStream configuration file in a later step (green circles).

Then click the Edit button to the right of settings (red circle).

Okta Edit CodeStream App

Add your CodeStream API hostname

Once you've clicked Edit, scroll down and fill in the HostName property in the Advanced Sign-On Settings section. This should be the fully qualified public-facing host name (without any protocol scheme or other URL properties) of your on-prem CodeStream API server.

After you've entered the host name, click the green Save button.

Okta Edit CodeStream App

Assign persons to the CodeStream App

Now go to the Assignments pane and click the green Assign button.

Okta Assignments

Then add all the users and/or groups you want to allow to authenticate CodeStream with Okta and click the green Done button.

Okta Assignments

Update the CodeStream Config and Restart

Finally, Add the following section to your ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json file use the Client ID and Client Secret you took note of in a previous step. Make a backup of this file before you add the new information, just in case something goes wrong you'll be able to back out your change by putting the backup in place.

	"integrations": {
		"okta": {
			"localInstallation": {
				"appClientId": "-- Client ID goes here --",
				"appClientSecret": "-- Client Secret goes here --"

After you make that change, restart CodeStream

~/.codestream/codestream --restart

Instruct your users to Reload their IDEs. They should now be able to authenticate with Okta.