Okta Authentication

CodeStream now supports Okta's consolidated single sign-on service for authentication as well. To get it running, you'll need to set up an Okta Web Application for CodeStream's OAuth process. Simply follow the instructions below.

Login to your Okta Developer Edition Admin Console

Sign-in to your admin console. If you don't already have one, you can create one for free by going to https://developer.okta.com/ and creating a free account. Once logged in, select the Applications tab.

Okta Admin Console

Create A Web Application for CodeStream Authentication

Click the Add Application button, then select the Web option and click on the Next button.

Okta Web App

Complete the form as pictured below using your own CodeStream On-Prem's installation URLs and press Done.

Okta Create App

Grant Scopes

On the Okta API Scopes tab, towards the bottom of the page, grant the okta.users.read.self scope.

Okta App Scopes

Take Note of the App's Client ID and Secret

Finally, on the App's Gerenal tab, take note of the Client Id and Client Secret which appear towards the bottom of the page.

Okta App General

Update the CodeStream Config and Restart

Add the following section to your ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json file. Make a backup of this file before you add the new information, just in case something goes wrong you'll be able to back out your change by putting the backup in place.

	"integrations": {
		"okta": {
			"localInstallation": {
				"appClientId": "-- Client ID goes here --",
				"appClientSecret": "-- Client Secret goes here --"

After you make that change, restart CodeStream

~/.codestream/codestream --restart

Instruct your users to Reload their IDEs. They should now be able to authenticate with Okta.