CodeStream's Slack integration allows you to share your codemark comments inside Slack channels. If you want to allow users to also be able to reply from Slack, you will need to expose your CodeStream API service to listen from requests made by Slack's bot framework. In this case, review the network configuration page for more information.

All requests made by slack are signed and verified using Slack's procedure for doing so. This mitigates security concerns for the publicly available routes.

Slack Access without a publicly accessible CodeStream API

Complete these steps to setup a basic Slack integration which allows CodeStream users to share codemarks on Slack channels without accepting any replies from Slack.

  1. Create a Slack App for connecting CodeStream. You will add this app to any workspace(s) you wish to share codemarks to.

    • Go to, make sure you're logged in to your workspace with administrative privileges, and press Create New App. We recommend naming it CodeStream OnPrem.
    • On the OAuth & Permissions page, in the Scopes section add the Confirm user’s identity (identity.basic) scope and press the "Save Changes" button.
    • Also on the OAuth & Permissions page, in the Redirect URL's section, add the URL https://<your-codestream-host>/no-auth/provider-token/slack and press the "Save URLs" button (substitute your codestream hostname here).
    • On the Basic Information page, install the App into your workspace
    • Distribute the app (this does NOT submit it to the Slack App Directory). On the left rail under settings, select Manage Distribution. On the middle of that page press the "Activate Distribution" button (you may need to check off a few items on the checklist below to make that button available). Since you won't be submitting the App to the Slack App directory, these values don't really matter.
  2. Update your CodeStream services configuration file.

    • Go to your Slack App configuration, navigate to the Basic Information page and take note of the 4 identifiers and secrets of your slack app. slack app ids
    • Make a backup copy of your codestream services config file.

      $ cp ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json.backup
    • Add these secrets in a Slack configuration section in your codestream config file (~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json). Make sure you add your app's ids and secrets to all 3 categories (app, appSharing & appStrict; 12 properties in all).

      "integrations": {
      		"slack": {
      				"cloud": {
      						"appClientId": "<your-slack-app-client-id>",
      						"appClientSecret": "<your-slack-app-client-secret>",
      						"appId": "<your-slack-app-id>",
      						"appSharingClientId": "<your-slack-app-client-id>",
      						"appSharingClientSecret": "<your-slack-app-client-secret>",
      						"appSharingId": "<your-slack-app-id>",
      						"appSharingSigningSecret": "<your-slack-app-signing-secret>",
      						"appSigningSecret": "<your-slack-app-signing-secret>",
      						"appStrictClientId": "<your-slack-app-client-id>",
      						"appStrictClientSecret": "<your-slack-app-client-secret>",
      						"appStrictId": "<your-slack-app-id>",
      						"appStrictSigningSecret": "<your-slack-app-signing-secret>",
      						"interactiveComponentsEnabled": false
  3. Restart your CodeStream services.

Add Interactive Components access for your CodeStream Slack App

For the richest experience, you need to allow Slack's servers to make https calls to your CodeStream API container. This means making particular routes on your CodeStream API available to the public. Slack requests are signed so attack vectors are minimized.

Whomever governs your network infrastructure will likely have requirements on how to do this. Review the network configuration page for more information.

Once your network is properly configured to expose your CodeStream On-Prem API you should know the public fully qualified public facing hostname which you'll need for the next step.

  1. Complete the section above but don't restart your services yet.
  2. Add the Interactive Callback To Your Slack App

    Go to your Slack App configuration, navigate to the Interactive Components page and update the Interactivity section with your publicly facing Slack route. To continue the example from above, you would use:

    slack callback

  3. Restart your CodeStream services.

You're Done! CodeStream users can share their codemarks with Slack and Slack users can now participate in codemark discussions by pressing the View Discussion & Reply button in the Slack posts. These replies will be funneled back into your CodeStream On-Prem installation.