Microsoft Teams

CodeStream's MST integration allows you to share your codemark comments inside MS Teams channels. As the integration runs as a bot service, your CodeStream API will need to get HTTPS requests made by Microsoft's Bot Channel Framework connector service (requests coming from microsoft). See the network configuration overview page for more details on configuring your network for this.

All requests made by the Microsoft Bot Connector Service are signed and verified using the MS Bot Framework SDK to ensure authenticity.

You'll need an Azure AD account with permissions to create a Bot Channel Registration resource as well as permissions in the MS Teams Office application which allows for uploading a custom app (known as side-loading). The bot logic exists as part of the CodeStream On-Prem API service and the Bot Channel Registration you create on Azure provides the ID and password necessary for your CodeStream API's bot service logic to connect and communciate with your MS Teams channels.

For a more in-depth understanding of Microsoft's bot framework, we recommend reading this overview of the MS bot framework and more detail about managing IDs and passwords.


Configure your network to route secure web requests to your CodeStream On-Prem API service. More details can be found here. You will need the public facing, fully qualified hostname for your CodeStream API to complete the Bot Channel Registration in Azure AD. For this document, we will assume it's

Create a Bot Channel Registration Resource in Azure AD

This must be completed by someone with privileges in the Azure Portal (for example a Global Administrator).

By creating a Bot Channel Registration and connecting it to MS Teams, you will be provided with an Application ID and Password (Secret) which you will use to create an App Package and add to your CodeStream On-Prem configuration file.

You'll need the following:

  • Choose a globally-unique name (bot handle) for your Bot Channel Registration.
  • A subscription ID in the Azure account (MS will create a trial account with $200 worth of credits if you don't have one). Note that the bot does not cost any money.
  • A resource group for the bot channel registration resource, though you can create a new one as you do this if you want.

Complete these steps in order:

  1. Login to the Azure Portal
  2. Hamburger Menu (upper left) > '+ Create a resource'
  3. Search for the bot channels registration resource and press the Create button.

    screen shot

    screen shot

  4. Complete the bot channels registration form and create the resource to become available.

    screen shot

    1. Choose a Bot handle. It must be globally unique.
    2. Azure Subscription - whomever manages your Azure AD can provide this to you. You won't get charged for this resource.
    3. Resource Group - select or create one.
    4. Location - this will determine where the resource resides.
    5. Pricing Tier - Use S1 unless you have a reason not to.
    6. Messaging Endpoint - This is the publicly facing URL of your CodeStream On-Prem API service. If you created a proxy server as per the network configuration overview page, you'd use
    7. Turn Application Insights off
    8. Submit the form - Create button on the bottom - to submit the request to Azure. You'll be notified via the Azure Portal dashboard when your resource is ready (typically between 2 and 5 minutes).
  5. Open your app's registration blade: Hamburger Menu > Azure Active Directory > App Registrations > select your app
  6. The Overview blade shows the Application (client) ID. This is the App ID, also referred to as the Bot ID or client ID. You will need this value.

    screen shot

  7. Select Certificates & Secrets under the Manage section and create a new client secret (leave the one that's already there in place).

    screen shot

    Make sure you save the secret (password). You won't be able to retrieve it again.

  8. In the Azure Portal, find the Bot Services section (use the search if need be) and click on your Bot Service.

    screen shot

    screen shot

  9. Sekect the Channels blade and add MS Teams as a channel and click Save. You should now see MS Teams listed under Connect to Channels.

    screen shot

    screen shot

    screen shot

Create a custom CodeStream App Package

The App Package is a zip file which contains a manifest that has the App ID you just registered in it. When you install it into MS Teams as a custom app (side-loading), it will connect your MS Teams channels with your CodeStream API service.

From your CodeStream host OS (where the docker containers are running), execute these commands to create your custom App Package (zip file). Specify the App ID you got when completed your Bot Channel registration.

NOTE: This requires the zip command be installed on your host OS.

~/.codestream/ --create-mst-app-package <app-id> <public-api-hostname>
# ex:  ./ --create-mst-app-package abcdefabc-9876-wxyz-abab-1020304050

Your newly created App Package is on your host OS as ~/.codestream/

Update the CodeStream Services configuration file

Next, add the App ID and Password to the CodeStream On-Prem configuration file, ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json.

  1. Backup the config file.

    cp ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json.backup
  2. Use an editor to update (or add) the integrations section with the following properties:

      "integrations": {
         "msteams": {
            "cloud": {
               "botAppId": "<app-id>",
               "botAppPassword": "<secret-password>"
  3. Restart the CodeStream services (not including mongo)

    ~/.codestream/ -M -a restart

Side-load the CodeStream App Package into MS Teams

This requires Admin privileges within MS Teams.

Go to the Office 365 MS Teams application, select the ellipsis (...) and then More apps.

screen shot

Look at your left navigation and make sure you have the Upload a custom app link at the bottom. This requires privileges. If you don't see it, you need to talk to your Office / Teams administrator.

screen shot

Select Upload a custom app and upload the zip file (app package) you created in the prior step. When you're done, you should see this.

screen shot

The CodeStream Bot App is now available for users to add to their channels or teams and to sign-in and connect to your CodeStream API.

Instructions for individuals to setup and connect to the bot service can be found here.