Jira (Atlassian Cloud)

In order to integrate CodeStream with Jira on the Atlassian Cloud platform, you'll need tp create a Developer App to provide credentials to use their REST API.

Login to Atlassian Cloud and Go to Developer Apps

Login to Atlassian Cloud and once logged in, go to Developer Apps.

dev apps

Create a new Application for CodeStream Access

Press the Create new app button, select an application name, for example CodeStream On-Prem, and agree to the developer terms of service.

create app

Once you press the Create button, you'll be placed on your newly created app's page.

new app

Take note of the Client ID and Secret.

Add your REST API Permissions and Callback URL

Select the + Add link on the navagation bar to bring up the Feature options page and add the Jira REST Platform API feature.


Select the Jira platform REST API option which now exists on the nav bar and update the permissions to match this screen shot.

jira perms

Now select OAuth 2.0 (3LO) on the left navagation bar and add your callback URL. It should reference your company's CodeStream On-Prem hostname with this path: https://codestream-onprem.mycompany.com/no-auth/provider-token/jira


Distribute the App

For anyone other than you to use the app, you must publicly distribute it. Select the Distribute option on the nav bar, complete the form and make your app publicly available.


Update the CodeStream Config and Restart

Fnally, update your codestream config file, ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json, by adding the following section using the Client ID and Secret from earlier.

	"integrations": {
		"jira": {
			"cloud": {
				"appClientId": "-- Client ID goes here --",
				"appClientSecret": "-- Secret goes here --"

After you make that change, restart CodeStream

~/.codestream/codestream --restart

Instruct your users to Reload their IDEs. They should now be able to connect to Jira.