In order to integrate with you'll need to create an OAuth App which will enable your CodeStream On-Prem server to use the Github REST APIs.

Login to GitHub and Navigate to OAuth Apps

First Login to GitHub, then go to your Settings page:

Then select Developer Settings

And finally OAuth Apps

oauth apps

Register a new OAuth App

Press the New OAuth App button and complete the registeration form. Make sure your callback URL references your company's CodeStream On-Prem hostname with this path:

new app

Then press the Register application button.

Update the CodeStream Config and Restart

After you register the application, click on it to expose the client ID and client secret.

clientID and Secret

Then update your codestream config file, ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json, by adding the following section.

	"integrations": {
		"github": {
			"cloud": {
				"appClientId": "-- Client ID goes here --",
				"appClientSecret": "-- Client Secret goes here --"

After you make that change, restart CodeStream

~/.codestream/codestream --restart

Instruct your users to Reload their IDEs. They should now be able to connect to Github.