To use Asana's API and perform authentication, you'll need to create an App. These instructions walk you through that process. Further documentation on registering an application can be found here.

For this procedure, you'll need an account on Asana to use as the App owner and your CodeStream On-Prem API protocol & hostname (eg.

Login to Asana

The developer console can be found here. Use the account under which you want to create the App that will provide the credentials which CodeStream will use to make API calls.

Asana Devloper Console

Create the App

Click on New App and add your OAuth Redirect URL as follows: (substitute your On-Prem server's hostname, but make sure you keep the full path; /no-auth/...).

Asana App Info

Make note of the Client ID and Client secret. You'll need them for the final step.

Update the CodeStream Config and Restart

Add the following section to your ~/.codestream/codestream-services-config.json file. Make a backup of this file before you add the new information, just in case something goes wrong you'll be able to back out your change by putting the backup in place.

	"integrations": {
		"asana": {
			"cloud": {
				"appClientId": "-- Client ID goes here --",
				"appClientSecret": "-- Client Secret goes here --"

After you make that change, restart CodeStream

~/.codestream/codestream --restart

Instruct your users to Reload their IDEs. They should now be able to connect to Asana.