What if my host OS can't access The Internet?

CodeStream On-Prem will work on a host OS disconnected from the Internet, we call this an Air Gapped installation, but since the docker containers still have to be downloaded, you'll need a computer connected to the internet to prepare software.

Run these commands on an internet-connected computer running docker services, which is also capable of running a bash script, git and the unix tar utility. Linux, OSX or Windows with WSL should all be capable. While you won't actually run the CodeStream containers on this computer, you will be downloading docker images to it. It should also have at least 12GB of available disk space in order to package everything up.

  1. Download the CodeStream On-Prem package builder script.

    curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TeamCodeStream/onprem-install/master/install-scripts/util/build-pkg -o build-pkg
    chmod +x build-pkg
  2. Run the script. This will create a rather large tarball (~1.75-2GB) and place it in $HOME/codestream-package/.

  3. Copy the tarball from that directory to your air gapped host, login to the host and untar it. This will create a ~/.codestream/ directory with all the software.

    tar xzf <tar-file-name-here>
  4. Proceed with the quickstart installation.

    cd ~/.codestream
    ./codestream --quickstart

Be prepared to repeat this process in order to get upgrades. You may want to leave the docker service with the images on your internet-connected machine so as not to have to re-download every image each time you update CodeStream.