Architecture Overview

Get to know the CodeStream On-Prem architecture


CodeStream On-Prem is made up of a number of services that run on the backend. Clients, extensions that run in the IDEs, connect to two of them. These services are:

  1. The MongoDB service is where all CodeStream data resides. This is what needs to be protected to ensure you don't loose any of your valuable information.
  2. The API service is the primary end point for access to the database and connections from the Client IDEs, implementing the server-side logic. This is an HTTP server.
  3. The Broadcaster handles real-time client/server broadcast messaging which ensures the timeliness of information as it moves through the system. The broadcaster uses websockets within the HTTP protocol. Client extensions connect to this service, along with the API.
  4. The Outbound Email service generates email messages and passes them to whichever email system you've configured for outbound email delivery.
  5. RabbitMQ provides a queuing mechanism used between the backend services to communicate tasks.
  6. The ~/.codestream/ directory on the host OS, while not a service in and of itself, gets a special mention here. This is the one directory tree you should be backing up regularly (in addition to doing your mongodb backups) to ensure you can recover all of your data in the event of a catestrophic failure. Make sure you store your backups somewhere other than on the linux host OS or bare metal server on which it resides. You should consider georgraphically independent storage as well.

Traffic Flow

This diagram shows the flow of traffic between the backend services and clients.

Architecture Diagram