CodeStream On-Prem

Run CodeStream in your own environment

CodeStream On-Prem is a docker-ized version of the CodeStream Cloud services which you can install and operate entirely on your own hardware (or cloud service provider). You only need a linux host OS running Docker.

Each new installation includes a trial license to get you started.

Quick Start

  1. Prepare a linux server or VM (referred to as the host OS) with docker. Make sure the unix user you login to it with is able to run docker commands without using sudo.

    It is important that the hostname of the host OS resolves to the same IP address for both itself and the CodeStream clients. Containers running on the host OS will talk to each other in addition to the clients.

  2. Cut and paste these commands into your shell. They will download and run the control script which will install and startup CodeStream.

    mkdir ~/.codestream
    cd ~/.codestream
    curl -s -O
    chmod +x codestream
    ~/.codestream/codestream --quickstart
  3. Install the CodeStream extension in your IDE if you haven't already, and set the CodeStream extension settings to reference your On-Prem CodeStream server (using http). For example, http://your.codestream.server/.

  4. Register a new account and start making codemarks!

It's important to keep your On-Prem installation up to date by simply running these commands periodically. For more information about managing your installation, see the Single Linux Host page.

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